Monday, December 03, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: The Curse of Peter Jackson's Ghost

I'm definitely not the first person to post about this (in fact, I may be so far behind that I'm actually the last person that will post about it), but I don't watch a lot of commercials (I'm a marketing grad, but I hate most commercials).

But anyway, Pirates of the Caribbean is being hailed as the "trilogy of the decade". Really? I'd have to think about that...let's compare:

- The Matrix Trilogy: Ohh...sorry...The Matrix was made in 1999, so it doesn't really fit. Although, it was made within the last decade, so sorta...but still, not better than Pirates

- The second Star Wars Trilogy: Same strategy as The Matrix - started in 1999, but regardless, not better

- The Ocean's Trilogy: All three of these movies were actually released since 2000 (2001, 2004, 2007), so it actually really counts! They were definitely good (the first was, by far, the best), but I still think Pirates trumps it; the addition of major actors that are expected to blend into their roles proved too difficult to overcome. That, and the stories got kinda old

- The X-Men Trilogy: Too much Halle Berry precludes this series from taking the title

- The Spider-Man Trilogy: After the first two, this one had a pretty decent shot. The third, however, definitely takes it out of the running

So, it looks like Pirates takes the crown. Congratula...wait...wait...I forgot one:

- The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: The greatest trilogy of all-time conversation begins with this one, so the biggest of the last decade doesn't even rate. 17 Oscars (including 11 for Return) beats out Pirates' 6. The fact that it is based on a series of repeatedly celebrated books probably beats the fact that Pirates is based on a ride

And if you don't like those reasons, or you didn't like the Lord of the Rings, or Johnny Depp is so hot, or Lord of the Rings was too long (9 hours 14 minutes for LOTR to 7 hours 41 minutes for POTC), consider that when Disney finally green lights Pirates of the Caribbean 4: The Fountain of Youth, this whole "biggest trilogy of the decade" argument will be moot.

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