Sunday, December 30, 2007

Oh Yeah...

In recent weeks, Miranda, Wade, and Mark have commented on my use of "Oh yeah..." at times that might otherwise called for a "Sweet merciful crap!" (or something along those lines).

Take, for example, the time Emma and Mark dropped two 40-pound pieces of staging after the TLC staff had stacked them improperly. To this, I said, "Oh yeah." Others might have jumped and exclaimed, "Holy shit! What the hell are you two doing?" Instead, "Oh yeah."

Now, I can not claim full ownership of this phrase; Joe Gauci, my assistant manager when I worked at EB Games, must be officially credited with first using it. It is from Joe that I stole this, and I think he actually used it for the same reasons.

I do not use it because I don't care. I do not use it because I am cool and collected under pressure. Instead, I use it as a defense mechanism, because if I registered shock, awe, and excitement at all the weird, unexplainable, and random shit that goes on in the course of one's day, I would truly go mad. And that goes double for life at Georgian College and the Athletic Centre (which I think was Joe's trick at EB).

So, the next time life makes you question just how far we've come in a few dozen millennia, don't risk an embolism; there's a much simpler and less stressful way to deal with the situation1.

1 - Be it "Oh yeah", "Serenity now", or "Hoochie Mama".

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