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The Long Awaited Year In Review (2007 Edition...or Would That be 2008 Edition?)

First things first - I'm going to forget stuff; deal with it. You know why all those sports shows and entertainment shows can do Year in Review shows right around Christmas and New Year's Eve? Because they have reams of footage that they have highly-paid interns scouring through at the expense of eating and personal hygiene. I have this blog, which you'll notice I'm not great at updating on occasion1. But, I will do my best. It was a rather eventful year (I'm pretty sure), so we'll see what we get.


Well, according to my blog, apparently all I did in January was give blood. Wow, exciting. Which, of course, is not all I did. I celebrated New Year's at Meaghan's, and got a rather drunken call from Holly just after midnight. I also, on January 26th, saw Smokin' Aces (not particularly good). The importance of that? At around midnight on January 27th, Miranda and I officially woke up and decided maybe we should try going out. You could say it's gone well.


The biggest news out of February was that I got to see Brandon play professional lacrosse live for the first time. Of course, I also became a proud father - Jack Bauer the betta fish joined the family. His half-brother Malachi (since deceased) came not long after, and the family has only grown since - Susie Derkins and Waffles have joined the family, and Malachi is the father of approximately 11 babies.

Birthdays: My sister, my mum, Carley, John, Miranda's dad


I saw another Rock game, Miranda's first, although they lost to Colorado. I attended Crossover Tri-Campus in Blue Mountain, and, having never driven there on my own before, I got quite detoured on the way home - as in, through Alliston.


This month involved a very exciting trip to Waterloo to introduce Miranda to Nad; which proved to be an excellent meeting. Nad has since gone to England for school, and from the sounds of it, he is having an excellent time, which he most certainly deserves. Other than that, Toronto FC played its first regular season MLS game, and the New Jersey Devils decided not to start Marty Brodeur for about the third time all year, resulting in a loss to the New York Islanders that eliminated the Leafs from playoff contention.


May contained two trilogy-ender movies - Spider-Man 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. One was very good, a very fitting end to an excellent series; one was garbage, ruining a very good series2. Guess which! The best show by far, though, was at the Air Canada Centre, where John, Ben, Miranda and I watched Russell Peters. There are not enough words.

This semester also marked the beginning of my last semester at Georgian, pre-graduation.


Well...June...June...what can I say, really? According to my blog, I spent basically the entire month ragging on the Toronto Star for its crappy new layout, and Jim Balsillie for apparently thinking moving another NHL team to southern Ontario was a good idea. I don't really remember anything of great excitement from June, except that the weather was much nicer than than June of 2006.


Yay! Birthday month, birthday month!! It was, however, a very tragic month too, but we're not going to dwell on that; eez too sad. Miranda took me to a Jays game for my birthday, which combines two of my favourite things. I also saw A Mighty Heart, with which I was highly disappointed. Oh, and it was 7-7-07. An interesting note about that: leading up to that date, every media outlet was talking about the magical implications of such a date. On all the Year in Reviews and New Year's shows, no one said a word. There's a July 7th every year, and a 7-7-7 every century. It's happened before, it'll happen again.

Birthdays: Moi, Nad, Miranda's mum, The Gill


Now, this was an excellent month. I saw Carley about mid-month before she left for Ghana for school. Speaking of school, we finally finished. Not without a great deal of craziness, as we had to do a pitch to a prospective company that wanted to take all of our work and give us nothing for it, mostly because we were students, I would assume. We (Miranda, Wade, Mum #2, and I) then took an semester-end trip out east, making stops, at various times, in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI. This was an excellent, excellent, excellent trip, even if we were stuck in a car for up to 22 hours at a time. We also all discovered the joy that is Sheldon.

Birthdays: My dad, Wade, and some girl named Miranda


First off, I saw Superbad for a second time (first time was with Carley, Andy and Morgan in August, this time with Wade and Ben), which cemented it as my favourite comedy of 2007. For the record, 3:10 to Yuma was probably the best movie I saw this year, but please, if I've forgotten one, let me know. Wade and I moved in together (five doors down from where I used to live), and were introduced to Kate, the elusive Snow Ginger, and Michelle/Pam, the Crazy British Lady. Kate is gone to Aspen, CBL is still here. She was supposed to be gone in one of September, October, or November. She's still here. STILL! Wade also began what will hopefully become a long, unscrewed career at the gym.

Birthdays: Nancy, Meaghan


Well, giant bugs invaded Cleveland and helped the Indians beat the New York Yankees; that always makes for a good month. The stupid Boston Red Sox won the World Series, but all was OK in the world of sports because the National Lacrosse League season was not canceled due to a labour dispute. Also, while writing about that fact, I learned there is a Chinese God of Sports Gambling. His name is Wang. Wang the Pure.

Hallowe'en is obviously the first thing that people think of when they think of October, and this year was...a little different. I was also turned down for the job of Facilities Coordinator at the Athletic Centre; more on that on the post pretty well directly below this. Wade, my dad, and I saw the Leafs play the Hawks (Wade's first hockey game).


Kate moved out, but CBL is still here, offering us strange concoctions she calls "food". There are several frozen salmon in our freezer. Miranda got into residence at university, which should hopefully help to alleviate some pressure on the move. Other than that, November was...cold? I'm not actually sure if it was even cold; we only turned on our furnace in the first week.


Miranda, Wade and Mum #2 spent the Sunday before Christmas with us, where there was a suprising amount of monkey-related discussion. Miranda was also exposed to the rest of the Canada-situated Denman part of the Fish family, where she (well, we) were the subject of a toast. Almighty Malachi the sun-tailed molly passed away midway through the month, throwing a damper on the season. I saw Awake, which, although a late entry, proved to be the worst movie to be seen in theatres in 2007.

Birthdays: Ben, Jesus, Kiefer Sutherland

Final (Movie) Notes

Best Movie of the Year: 3:10 to Yuma
Worst Movie of the Year: Awake
Most Overpraised Movie: Tie - American Gangster, A Mighty Heart
Most Surprising Movie: Fracture
Best Comedy: Superbad
Movie I Never Freaking Got To See: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Best Animated Movie: Ratatouille
Bloodiest Movie: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

1 - You'll notice I'm 60% of the way into January while I'm doing this.
2 - That is, until both movies do a fourth installment.

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