Saturday, January 19, 2008

Will Work for a Respectable Paycheque, Regular Hours, and Some Sort of Direction

I've just finished re-vamping my resume - with a short break in between to see Cloverfield1 with Wade and Mark - after having feedback whatsoever from the jobs to which I have applied.

I have gotten a grand total of one interview since I began quite enthusiastically attempting to find a more stable, secure, and, yes, invigorating job. That interview was for the position of Facilities Coordinator at the gym, which I was more than qualified to do (I'm not just bragging, I'm probably more qualified than the guy that got it2), but unfortunately, I was essentially put at the back of the pack due to my position as a lowly part-time (student) staff member. Pretty well, everyone else would have to turn down the job before it would have been offered to me.

Since then, I've been basically training the boss (for about 40% of his salary), and looking at finding another job. I had intended to go to Laurentian and get my BBA, now that I'm graduated, but unfortunately, my scholastic brain has abandoned me for the vast beaches of Lake Huron, and my professional brain (the brain that screams, "You don't have the money for university!") has taken it's place.

Now, I would like to think that it is perhaps due to my resume that I have not gotten as much as a call back for an interview from these people, because frankly, if it's me, I'm out.

Consider - the first job for which I applied after being very unceremoniously told I did not get the job I really wanted (at 1:30 of a shift that ended at 2 was I told that I had not been judged able to assume the role. That was, indeed, a wonderful half-hour) was Campus Connections Marketing Assistant. Essentially, this is a position responsible for the marketing of the school to potential students and their parents.
  • It required someone with a marketing background (3-year Marketing diploma, graduated with Honours)

  • It required someone with a knowledge of the school (3 years working in virtually every aspect of student life, except for the bar, including Student Council President, and three co-ops in the Athletic Department)

  • It required someone with excellent communication skills (87% average in communications courses)

It required other things as well (obviously), but needless to say, I was qualified. Interview? No, apparently not what they were looking for.

Since then, I have applied for many other positions in and around the College system - from athletics to administration to student life - but have received call backs from absolutely no one. I showed my resume to one of my references, and he suggested subtle changes that might give me that little extra push. I had resisted until now, as I am still waiting to hear back from yet another job for which I was qualified. Since then, I have overhauled. I have tweaked. I have written, re-written, deleted the re-write, and re-written over the deleted part.

I am about to apply for another job at Georgian - which, perhaps the cosmos is attempting to tell me, is not the place for me - and attach the new and improved resume. If this does not work, I believe the next step will be to purchase a box of refridgerator magnet poetry and send that in with my phone number; perhaps the answer to my career advancement lies in some stream of consciousness General Electric ramblings.

1 - It ain't Godzilla, although methinks that H.P. Lovecraft might be proud.
2 - Who also recently said in a staff meeting, "I assume you guys all came to college to get a good job, right? Well, let's be honest - you're all going to get shit jobs coming out of college; some entry-level thing. But the people that take initiative and try to stand out are the ones that advance". Empowering stuff, that.

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