Sunday, February 17, 2008

The First of Two Possible Sports Posts Today

Alright, this one's a bit of an old one. I was watching Prime Time Sports on Sportsnet the other day, and they were talking about Jays closer B.J. Ryan - what to expect now that he's coming back from UCL reconstructive surgery, what to do with last year's closer Jeremy Accardo, etc.

Now, Prime Time is kind of the Damien Cox of television - the Jays/Leafs/Raptors/whoever are never good enough, always make bad decisions, pay too much money to mediocre players, smell, etc.1 So, when Bob McCown said that B.J. Ryan's career the last three years could be summed up as a great year in Baltimore, an okay year in Toronto, and then the year where he was injured, I figured I'd check it out. I remembered his first year in Toronto being pretty lights out, but seeing as everyone on the show agreed whole-heartedly that he didn't play that great in his first year and didn't earn his paycheque, maybe I was mis-remembering.

So, let's let the numbers speak for themselves (I'll bold the better stat):

2005 (BAL) - 70.1 IP, 54 H, 19 ER, 4 HRA, 26 BB, 100 K, 1-4 W-L, 36 S, 5 BS, 2.43 ERA
2006 (TOR) - 72.1 IP, 42 H, 11 ER, 3 HRA, 20 BB, 86 K, 2-2 W-L, 38 S, 4 BS, 1.37 ERA

Apparently, his so-so season included better stats in every category except for strikeouts (although he improved his K/BB ratio from 3.85 to 4.30), holding batters to a .169 batting average, giving up more than a run less per game, and, I'm pretty sure this is a pretty big one for closers, saving more games and blowing fewer saves.

But, he played for the Jays, so he probably sucked, and I'm just a homer.

1 - Unless they're winning

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