Saturday, February 16, 2008

Phone Calls and Two Feet of Snow

This week has been a week of two very interesting extremes: about 60 cm of snow and two very excellent phone calls from several time zones away.

First off, it has snowed every other day since Sunday, dumping probably about two feet on snow on Orangeville1. As a result, I couldn't make it into work on Monday due to the drive, or on Wednesday due to the snowplow that decided to plow three feet of snow at the end of the driveway instead of let me out. I was, however, able to make it into work yesterday to open, which, of course, I enjoy doing so very, very much. I've plowed the driveway thrice, have dug my car out once, and ultimately driven well below the speed limit several times.

But, to counteract the crapiness of the weather, I have gotten phone calls from two very wonderful people (that are nowhere near this crappy weather). On Wednesday, Nad called me from Birmingham, England. We talked for 77 minutes (yes, I did check), and it completely made my day. And, as I pointed out to Nad, I could enjoy my day five hours longer than him! (He was not impressed by this).

Then, two days later, I got a call from the love of my life from all the way in Australia. Miranda left for Australia at the end of last week, and we've been able to talk either on MSN, e-mail, or Facecrack since she left (well, except for Monday, seeing as she spent 23 hours in the air and seven hours in layover), but have not been able to actually talk. So, we talked for a good 40 minutes or so, and I mostly just told her how much crappy weather we have and I'd better not hear a word about the weather in Australia. It did, however, make both of our days.

So, despite missing two days of work and dealing with all the crap outside (although the last two days have been pretty good), this whole week turned out to be very excellent.

1 - This is the first snowstorm this year, however, where the city (and this includes Barrie) hasn't just freaked out about how bad the weather is and not bothered to clear anything. We've had two previous bouts of snowy weather this year, but instead of mobilizing the fleets of snowplows and getting the roads salted and making sure people can, more or less, get where they're going, everyone has instead just sat back and watched the news report on how bad the weather is. Seriously, think about it - of all the news reports you watched, how many actually showed city employees doing any work as opposed to citizens trying to shovel?

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