Thursday, March 20, 2008

...At Least It Was Free

If I read the reviews on Flixster (granted, not exactly a hotbed of quality analysis) correctly, Revolver is either Guy Ritchie's worst movie (for those that forget Swept Away, I suppose) or an excellent movie that the less clever amongst us simply didn't "get".

Instead, it's actually a convoluted, heist-cum-revenge-cum-philosophical movie that will probably disappoint anyone expected a revamped Lock, Stock... or Snatch. It does share similarities - Jason Statham is the most obvious one, but it also shares Ritchie's staccato shooting style, and his twisting, turning narrative. Unfortunately, all this serves to do is hearken one back to his finer efforts.

However, it will probably be the type of movie that will be liked by people that think they're supposed to like it. Ritchie's just one of those directors - his fans (of which I am one) were able to follow the twisting, turning plots of his first two crime capers and feel they've earned the right to tell naysayers, "You just didn't like it because you didn't get it".

But, I say, "Nay nay". There was nothing to get. Oh, there was supposed to be something to get, and the movie damn sure thought there was something to get, but, by the end of its 115 minutes, it's essentially just talking down to the viewer.

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