Monday, March 24, 2008

Can I Have Your Jobs?

I just sent an e-mail to a guy regarding a job I applied for a couple of weeks ago, just to see if anyone had been chosen for interviews yet. I was excited when, just a few minutes later, I got a response - yes, even getting a response is exciting for me.

The response? "I am away from my office until March 26/08."

How do you people all have this much time off stored up? A quick look through my inbox shows five Out of Office auto-replies, plus another e-mail (from someone that had originally been out of her office) explaining that the entire selection committee was unavailable for another week.

How are this many people unavailable, particularly when they need more staff?

I hereby offer my services as vacation coverage for all of these people. A new challenging job every week? Sounds like a damn good fit for me!

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