Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Long-sleeved, Striped Shirts and Black, Horn-Rimmed Glasses 'Я' Us

Die Mannequin, Social Code and Sum 41 played at Georgian on Monday, to a crowd of about 300 (despite the 600 or so tickets that were actually sold). The concert was quite good - Die Mannequin has seriously refined their sound since they played last year with Hedley, Social Code was very solid, and Sum 41, despite being dicks, put on a very good show.

How-ever, due to the fact that the concert was open to the public, the contingent of thirteen-year-olds was staggeringly high. Four girls actually arrived at 2 pm, having heard that Sum 41 often lets people into their changerooms ahead of time. Yes, so did Hedley, and they are now banned from performing in several states.

Overall, though, the night was quite good. There was a great deal of sleep deprivation for some of us (Wade and I, among others), but that was made up for by the gross of Die Mannequin bandanas, and the autographed poster that were received. There are, for the record, several pictures on Facebook of Wade and my gangsta selves.1

1 - Wade has since discovered the ninja potential of said bandanas. Sleep with one eye open.

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