Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Trade Winds A-Blowin'

So, apparently Wednesdays are a busy day for lacrosse.

Brandon was involved in one of three trades on Wednesday in the NLL, and landed in Philadelphia (which now means I get to get a Wings jersey!).

There's good news and bad news in this deal. The good news is that Chicago is suffering though a 1-6 season, and the trade to Philly immediately puts him in first-place in the East Division. This also gives him a legit shot at a championship.

The bad news (sort of) is that he'll be playing behind Rob Blasdell (just as he did in Albany). However, Blazer is nine years older than Brandon and can't have that much left in the tank, so B could be back starting again as early as next season.

This also, by the way, paves the way for a mad Orillia-Orangeville lacrosse war.

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Anonymous said...

They took Brandon because Blazer goes back to Arizona next year when the team regroups, so it's all good! I'm enjoying your blogging? blogness? blogability?! Whatever, it's good. Sharon xx