Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Our Town is...Louder...Than Your Town?

According to today's Orangeville Banner, Betty Kading - at her request - has been appointed the role of Orangeville's Official Town Crier.1 I was unaware we needed one, but apparently Ms. Kading, who was Oakville's town crier for 11 years, has "been doing a lot of freelance work" since she moved to Orangeville in 2000.2

The article goes on to state:
Kading is sensitive to the historical significance of her role and even though much of the job of town crier has been taken over by modern media, she still thinks it's important.

"The electronic way of life has completely taken over," she says. "Getting back to our roots is always a good thing. It's important for towns with a pride in their history, in their heritage."

Well, Betty Kading, thank you for reminding this town to remember its history and heritage by being named the town's first3 Official Town Crier.

Now, onto other people that could qualify for town crier (I'm sorry, sweetie) - Miranda! Early reports, at the nearly two-month mark, indicate that she is well ahead in school, and well behind in money. Unfortunately, it would seem that Australia's job market is no friendlier to Georgian College Business Administration - Marketing graduates than Canada's.

There's been some irregularities in money owed and classes required4, but everything seems to be working out. She lives with a seldom shirt-clad gentleman, and something approaching a United Nations Lite in rez. Australia apparently swings violently between severe drought and severe floods, and thus, they are the ones behind Earth Hour. She also lives next to a tree filled with incredibly obnoxious crows (honest to God, you can hear them through a closed window over the phone) and up the street from a gun club, two things which, somehow, never seem to cross paths.

Overall, there are good days and bad days5, but I do miss her terribly, although I am learning to live with the 14-hour time difference. The wedding plans are still moving along, but there's still a few things that can't really be decided until closer to the date. Oh, and I'll need her to come back to me, first!

We'll have Betty Kading get ahold of everyone if anything changes.

1 - Irony apparently being lost on them, the story, written by reporter Amanda Jerome says, "The town criers were in effect the first reporters".
2 - There's freelance crier work? Where was I?
3 - I don't actually know if she is the first, but seeing as there are no carved tree figures of famous town criers of yore, I would imagine it's probable.
4 - Our countries really are very similar.
5 - "Good" days are classified as days that feature fewer than 15 mentions of her to anyone that will listen

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