Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Every Time Jack Bauer Says "There Isn't Time", a Terrorist Dies

Granted, this is not exactly "nuclear bomb in LA" or "severe respiratory disease in a hotel", but it's still an interesting day.

5:23 am: Miranda texts me as it is exactly one year and one month until we will be married. While a text this early normally wouldn't be cause for alarm, my phone was on vibrate and I left it on my wooden desk, a combination which raises the decibel level of the phone vibrating to roughly that of someone using a jackhammer aboard a jet engine.

5:24 am to 6:00 am: I hear a skittering and a "thump" in an alcove of my room. Not only is my body dumping adrenaline into my veins because of the unexpected alarm, I now have some sort of mythical beast, most likely a Great Old One hiding in my room. After several minutes of hyperventilation, I am finally able to clear a few things of the way, to reveal possibly the cutest baby mouse ever. It could literally fit in the bowl of a spoon. I eventually built him a textbook ladder that lead to a recycling bin, in which I ultimately took him outside. Although there is still the possibility that X'chll'at-aa is hanging out in my room, I was not bothered for the rest of the night.

6:00 am to 7:30 am: Attempt to trick body into going back to sleep.

1:11 pm: Sister and I leave for Barrie, on a mission to bring back Jack Bauer and Susie Derkins, as well as see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (awful title, by the way George, awful title).

2:20 pm to 2:55 pm: Just four exits from our destination, we blow out a tire on the northbound 400, and wait for the CAA dude to do the dirty work and put on the spare. Unfortunately, on said spare tire, we still have about 150 km of driving to do.

3:15 pm to 5:45 pm: Wade and I see Indy, Jen sees Chronicles of Narnia.

6:00 pm to 7:15 pm: Hit up Georgian Mall to search for interviewy type clothes, and possibly Father's Day gifts.

8:00 pm to 8:20 pm: Arrive in Orillia, pack up fishies and begin the trip home, as cautiously as possible - not only because of the fish, but also due to the unusually high number of OPP vehicles out and about.

9:45 pm: Arrive home in Orangeville, without too much water spillage. Set up fish in spot by backyard bay window (pictures possibly to follow).

10:15 pm: Realize I have forgotten to bring a fairly important thing home - food. Rush out to A&P, Wal-Mart (closed), and Sobey's, but I am only able to find tropical fish food, so I'll need to run out and grab some betta pellets on Wednesday.

And there you have, more or less, May 27, 2008, 13 months before I will be a married man, and the day Jack Bauer and Susie Derkins came to Orangeville.

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