Friday, June 06, 2008

A Little Ditty About Jack and...Susie, and Two, as of Yet, Unnamed Dwarf Frogs

The Setup

The tank, in front of the window that looks out onto our backyard

Jack and Susie

Jack Bauer, with the big blue fins, is a male betta, and Susie Derkins is a dalmatian molly

Jack and Susie, Redux

Jack and Susie, again. For some reason, Susie was extremely fond of bopping the fake flowers on the rock. For unrelated reasons, it is no longer in the tank


Two, as of yet, unnamed dwarf frogs. They remain unnamed for two reasons: 1) I am still unable to tell them apart, 2) they still haven't really developed any distinguishing male or female physiological traits. When they do, however, I do have some names kicking around

Froggies and a Fern

Froggies again, behind a java fern. The fern, as of right now, will not balance on that rock, so I've had to stand it up several times

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