Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pogey at 12 O'clock

Where to start, where to start?

I have finished my first week as a receiver at Sport Mart in Orangeville. My impressions? It's actually a pretty good job. For the fact that it began as "just another job in retail", it's actually proven to be quite fun, rather engaging, and an excellent way to augment one's wardrobe (a cost-plus-20% discount goes a long way when applied to clothing with a few hundred per cent markup).

The Friday of the week was highlighted by my receiving the first two of, I would imagine, four EI cheques, which would have come earlier if I didn't work for Georgian College.1

I have also had the very excellent opportunity to see Wade, Mum #2, Salil and Nad in the last week. In fact, Salil and Nad was a two-fer deal, and was an excellent way to wrap up my final day of unemployment.2 I shall be seeing The Incredible Hulk with Ben later on this evening, which should be very excellent, seeing as The Incredible Hulk is apparently several thousand times better than Hulk, which I enjoyed.3

There is, unfortunately, an ocean between me and Miranda, which precludes easy access to her, so I will have to make due with as many others as I can find (which I think I can handle just fine). Her mum and brother are actually making the 30-hour pilgrimmage next week to spend 3 weeks in New Zealand and Australia with her, and the 26th of this month will mark exactly one year until wedding bells.

Beyond that, I received my rent deposit cheque from my landpeople a couple of weeks ago4, and have found out I most assuredly have a male and a female frog5. Miranda's been gone just over four months, but she may in fact be staying until January out of spite.6

1 - For some reason, Georgian only sends out Records of Employment if they are formally requested by the ex-employee or his/her manager (and my manager definitely wouldn't have). As such, it was about three weeks tardy in arriving, thus delaying the EI application process
2 - However, I might have been best served to get more than 6 hours of sleep for my first day at a new job
3 - As did many other people, albeit people with incredibly short memories. For all the bitching about how Hulk was a travesty, a mistake, a black mark on the genre, 134 critics listed on Rotten Tomatoes thought it was good enough to give it at least a 3 out of 5. Even The Star's critic Geoff Pevere, who, mysteriously, was not assigned to The Incredible Hulk
4 - Keep in mind that I moved out March 30th. And got my final cheque on June 2nd
5 - Definitely walked in on some hanky panky the other day
6 - She thought she'd been there for five months already; when I corrected her, it was grounds for punishment

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