Thursday, October 02, 2008

I Know I'm Old, But...

According to Wikipedia, a generation can be pegged as being around 30 years long. I am apparently a member of the "Cold Y" generation, but overall, the generation born between 1980 and 2000 (a timespan which, granted, does contradict the earlier statement of how long a generation is) all fall together as The Millennials (I personally like that one because it has "The" built right in). Why then is there such a God damned gap between people around my age and people born less than a decade after us?

Granted, I take a lot of punishment from work and people, but really, I think even if I wasn't programmed to be a glutton, I still wouldn't call in sick to work with a sore knuckle. I swear to Zoroaster, may my knuckles become swollen and useless, that was an excuse used this week. Between yesterday (which magically turned from a day off into a 9-hour shift for both Kelly and I) and today, four people have either called in sick or simply not shown up, and a fifth was unable to cover one of said shifts (this would be the Boy Who Cried Knuckle). The individual that chose not to show up today actually did the same thing last week - no phone call, no previous discussion, nothing. The excuse last time was a late night at school, which apparently precluded him from a shift starting at 10:30; I can only hope for a story involving some sort of high speed police pursuit, or ninja assault (or high speed ninja assault).

Honestly, I am just baffled by the complete lack of common sense and common decency present in...well...people today - what exactly do they think the ramifications of their calling in sick will be? I'm going to take a wild stab and say, oh, absolutely freakin' nothing. Ultimately, karma1 will right things to a certain degree (in the form of those staff members becoming ex-staff members), but for now, seriously, come on - I was 16 once and you know what I did? I went to school and then went to work afterwards!2 Grow up, suck it up, and get your ass into work, I've already been here for 9 hours!3

1 - Which generally guides my decisions not to be a douche about things. That and the eternal question, "Would I consider someone a douche if they did this?"
2 - Uphill both ways, driving snow, barefoot, etc.
3 - And customers: if you feel you need to ask, "Is there anyone working here?", stop and think for a second...OK, you got it yet? That's right - if we look understaffed, we are!

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