Thursday, October 09, 2008

Lars Ulrich - Rock God, Tennis Prodigy, Economic Wizard

Believe it or not, of all the people in the world, Metallica is actually setting a fine example (in microcosm) for the world's economy. As people battle with the price of gas (all the while still driving from one end of a parking lot to another), the heavy metal legends are doing something with their music that should be adopted by many world leaders.

As politicians still trot out ludicrous concepts like supply-side economics, Lars and his bandmates have tackled the demand side of the equation. Rather than attempting to control their artistic energies and ration out the amount of music they put out in an attempt to influence the price of their albums, concerts, t-shirts, anti-downloading spyware, etc., they are leaving those decisions up to the fans.

That's right, Metallica is just making more and more music that outright sucks balls, thus deterring anyone from actually wanting to download it for free, leaving only the most needy to consume their product. Drive less, gas prices go down. Suck more, free downloading goes down.

God "The Day That Never Comes" sucks. Seriously.

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