Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Year of Bad Weirdness

It would appear that, again, my love of food and shelter and the necessity to work to provide such facets of life has precluded me from actually coming anywhere near this thing. So, as has become more and more of a commonality here, I'm doing a recap.

This recap, however, comes with a bit of a caveat - it recaps the wonderfully craptacular year 2008, or what I can remember of its crapitudes. I mean, not everything was bad; in fact there was a lot of good - I saw Nad three times in four days in June, saw plenty of Wade, John (although not as often as we tried to get together), Salil, and Ben1 (and his dad and Josee, actually). Plus, of course, the family and the puppy, all of whom made coming home from work quite good.

Although it came about from unnecessarily stupid circumstances, the Sport Mart job has actually turned into a considerably better job than I had initially anticipated2. Also, even though it can prove to be unbelievably frustrating to be repeatedly turned down, I do enjoy the rush of hunting down a job and going for the interview.

But, alack and alas, the year proved to be full of crap as well. The first, foremost, and most obviously deflating was the breakdown of my relationship with Miranda3. After a great deal of reflection, it is for the best, but it still sucks. Hopefully the new year will bring a chance to get close once again and start rebuilding, but as for 2008, well, I got my ass kicked by love.

Couple that, of course, with working a job (Georgian) where your boss decides you're trying to take his job, and you've got the making of an excellent year. His solution, by the way, to the problem of my job-stealing tendencies (I'm apparently "overly aggressive") was to...cut back my hours to the point that I couldn't afford to finish out the semester living in Barrie4. I suppose that's easier than just, you know, doing your job well and not having to worry if someone's trying to "steal" it.

Oh! And how could I forget about Blockbuster? I'm still waiting to hear back from the District Manager about rescheduling my interview from October 30th. I`m gonna give it...two more weeks before I give up.

Of course, there were movies aplenty (dunna-dunna-dunna-dunna BATMAN), sporting events aplenty, fish aplenty (Jack and Susie remain, and have had a pleco named Steve McGarrett and two frogs added to their mix). I also saw Jack Johnson with Wade, Hawksley Workman et al with Nad at the Phoenix in one of the more unique concerts I've ever been to, I read probably more than I ever have, and on myriad subjects, and I generally just lived. Jim and Pam got engaged, Jack came back for two hours, Morpheus took over on CSI, and I won $10 on Lotto 6/49.

I know I've forgotten many of the good Things and many of the good People from 2008, but unfortunately there is a large, kangaroo-shaped block around much of the year. Thank you to everyone that kept me upright and on track, and here's to what will hopefully be a rejuvenating 2009.


1 - Who was quite instrumental in keeping me sane throughout the shit of the year
2 - Working in retail during the Christmas season notwithstanding
3 - We split up on August 8, which, if I were Chinese, I would see as a sign of impending apocalypse
4 - It was actually cheaper to drive 200 km roundtrip than to live there, and this was when gas was still over a dollar

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