Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'm not that lazy

So I was updating the ol' look and feel of The Mike Statement, and I figured that if I was already on here, it would be quite sickeningly lazy of me not to post at least something. Here ya go:

With the way things are shaping up, I will be taking at least two significant trips this year1.

First, come the end of February, Ben and I will be catching a flight out to Vancouver to catch a Canucks game. I've never been out west2, Ben's a Canucks fan - it works out perfectly! All in, we're hoping to do it for under $1000, and, from the research we've done, that actually looks realistic.

Trip the second comes at the beginning of May, with the parents, on a ship called the Carnival Glory. We're going on a week-long cruise that will float us to Mexico (two destinations), Belize, and Bahamas. We went on a cruise in '06 for my dad's 50TH, and while I greatly enjoyed it, I haven't been on one since3. I've also never been on a Carnival cruise (we went on Holland America last time), and I'm told that they are an even more exciting experience.

So, although money will have to remain tight (which means, sadly, fewer shoes and - possibly - movies), it should be a very exciting beginning to the year. Huzzah for the traveler!

1 - Which should not be fuel for all the people that think I "don't like to travel". I do like to travel; I've actually been to five countries. I do like to travel; I don't know where the alternative theory came from
2 - By which I mean "farther west than Chatham, Ontario"
3 - Partially due to money, partially due to school and work

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