Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It Ain't No Surprise

One would assume that the top story of a trip to Barrie to see 10-Second Epic and Theory of a Deadman play a concert would be, well, the concert. That would be true, if the concert weren't being held at Georgian.

Realistically, I should have just turned around at Airport Road when the various police officers were directing traffic in the dark due to some sort of an accident. But no, I was going to Barrie, to see Wade, and Graham, and whoever the hell else was around for the concert!

Within about three minutes of my arrival, I was feeling most nostalgic! I got to see Wade and Steph, do a little quick catchup, throw a few hugs around; all in all, a nice little reunion. Approximately 10 minutes after that, though, I remembered why I left Georgian, and why so many others are thinking the same. For example:

Me: "Hey! How's it going?"
Girl with whom I worked for about three semesters: "Hey! How are you?"
Me: "Not too bad! Just here for the concert."
GWWIWFATS: "Cool, well, I'm working security and the line's out there."
*Exit stage left*

Not feeling eager to jump to the back of the line, Wade and I headed over to TLC for a little bite to eat (got to say hi to Mick, which was nice). We finished up, and decided to dump our coats in the staff room at the gym. From here, further fun ensues.

I hopped into the back room to give Hailey a hug and hang up my jacket, just as Ron happened to come in1. To quote: "Hey Fish" (to me. Well, I assume to me, he wasn't actually looking in my direction) "This isn't a hangout" (to Wade and I. Again, an assumption). We managed to read between the lines and figured we'd better depart the non-hangouty back room and climb in line for the concert. However, the back of the line was now several hundred people deep and situated mostly outside, so we decided we'd just hang around the lobby of the gym, watch some climbers, do some catching up...and be told by three separate people that we couldn't "Just walk in once the concert starts, you know".

Again, Wade and I used our savvy to determine that the gym might not be the best place to hang around. We got into the "line to the line" that, albeit considerably more time-consuming, was indoors. After about 30 minutes of waiting - not to mention multiplying, as our group increased from two to eight - we decided to say screw it and hit the TLC (after a brief detour back to the gym to get my license because, although the bouncer recognized me, he didn't remember my birthday).

After killing a bit more time there - I arrived at 6:45 or so, it was now approaching 8:45, and although we were merely 30 feet from the gym, we were no closer to actually getting in - we managed to spot some people we knew and slide casually into line. We chatted with various SAC members, mentioning that it was sorta crappy that the Athletic Staff had to not only pay for tickets to the concert they set up, but also had to wait in line2, before finally getting in about two songs into 10-Second Epic's set3.

So, it's been two hours, but we're finally at the concert! Huzzah! They were half-decent, and I actually recognized one of their songs. They played for about 40 more minutes, followed by a 30-minute teardown/setup for Theory of a Deadman. During this time, we all took the opportunity to look at the "VIP"s watching from the track, and again wonder why none of the staff that set up the concert had that kind of access.

Anyway, enough side-banter - Theory of a Deadman came on, played a very strong set (I'm not a big fan, but they put on a killer live show), we watched as various currently on the clock staff members joined the jetsetters on the track while we were watched uncomfortably closely every time we so much as turned around (everyone was, not just us; it was a creepily secure environment).

Overall, for $20, I couldn't have asked for much more excitement or drama4. It was nice to catch up with friends, see some live music, and wonder how people live with themselves.

1 - A funny new story came to light over dinner. Apparently when Wade was passing on the message that Miranda and I would no longer require the gym come June, Ron informed him that that was good news, since he'd already booked something else on that date. Apparently, he'd heard a rumour that we had broken up, and took the liberty of cancelling our booking without, you know, checking

2 - The rationale, by the way, was "You guys get paid to do the setup, that's why"

3 - Had to come back and post this little story - as we're going in and being frisked, a girl is arguing with Mick because she is being escorted out (for being waaaasted). She didn't get terribly violent (Mick had a pretty good hold of her arm), but she did ask Mick not once, not twice, but thrice if he was a lady, and then loudly proclaimed "This never happens in Toronto!"

4 - Especially when Wade bought the ticket for me! Thanks buddy!

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