Thursday, January 08, 2009

My Kingdom for 500 Metres!

There is a new restaurant opening up in Orangeville. A wonderful new restaurant1. A wonderful new restaurant called Sushi Kaika. There is a sushi restaurant in Orangeville2.

They appear to have quite a nice menu, at some rather good prices, and there's an all-year-can-eat lunch and dinner setup (hello Aji Sai, although hopefully the service is a little better). Now, the only (as of right now) bad thing? They have free delivery for orders over $30 and within 3 kilometres. My house is 3.4 kilometres away, Sport Mart is 3.5 kilometres away! What kind of a cruel joke is that?

1 - Well, I haven't been there yet, so it might not be all that wonderful, but I'm hoping
2 - Whether it can succeed where others have failed remains to be seen, but the fact that places like South 88 and Baba Ganoush have made it is a good sign

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