Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Do We Get Anything Accomplished?

Not that this is a terribly important development, and it comes with a fairly obvious, "Well, why don't you just..." type of ending, but, here, without any editing, was the texting conversation I had with Ben while trying to determine if he would be interested in an afternoon movie as I'll be in Barrie on Saturday.

Mike: What time you is heading down to hockey on Saturday? (Like I said, no editing)
Ben: Not sure. Why?
Mike: Coming up to Barrie with Jenn to go to a concept [concert; stupid T9Word] that night, figured catch a flick in the afternoon
Ben: What concert?
Mike: Vitalogy
Ben: Never heard of them
Mike: Pearl Jam cover band
Ben: Sweet. Where is that show?
Mike: Old Foundation
Ben: Nice. Well, give me a shout when it is done. I should be home by then.
Mike: You better be! The show won't even be started by the time the game's over!

It was not until several minutes later that I realized I didn't get an answer to my initial query! I revealed what concert I was going to, who they were, and where the concert was, but am I seeing a movie in the afternoon? No God-damned idea!

Ah, texting.

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