Sunday, February 22, 2009


I don't, for whatever reason, use this nearly enough for just random updates of things that are going on. So, in that case:

The benefit of having an Eddie Vedder-obsessed friend (Jennifer Margaret Crole-Vedder, if she had her way) means that I know when Vitalogy - a Pearl Jam tribute band - is playing somewhere. As it turned out, they happened to be playing in Barrie, so Jenn, Ange, Robin, Greg, Mike, and I went to see them at The Mansion/Foundation.

I've never actually seen them before (nor have I been to the Foundation/Mansion), but I'd definitely heard plenty of reviews leading up to the event that I pretty well knew what to expect. Quite frankly, if you're a fan of Pearl Jam (which I am), Vitalogy does not disappoint. Don ("Fake Eddie") does a brilliant job mimicking Vedder's voice, stage presence, and mannerisms, and, save for a few missung lines by the end of their four-hour set, he does a brilliant job with the material. Ian, Adam, Jamie, and Sean (in no particular order, "Fake Stone", "Fake Jeff", "Fake Mike", and "Fake Matt") also do an excellent job in their roles, and overall the show was really quite brilliant. Even when the jungle people showed up at the end.

Going back in time to update about the rest of the day - we literally spent three hours1 watching Ange and Greg's poor dog be quite obsessively romanced by Mike and Robin's dog. The most disturbing part of the situation (well, for Mike and Robin, at least) was that both dogs are male. I would imagine Mike spent much of Sunday deprogramming his puppy.

Jenn and I also saw The International in the afternoon. It...could have been better. Unfortunately, the movie - with good turns by Clive Owen and Naomi Watts - didn't quite ever hit its stride. There was promise, but the rookie writer/director tandem of Eric Singer and Tom Tykwer squandered it; they may just need more practice.

All in all, a very good Saturday, with very good music, and very hilarious times with very good people!

1 - Jenn and I; apparently the entire episode was going on for about eight hours.

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