Thursday, March 19, 2009

Everything's Coming Up Milhouse

Being a hybrid realist/cynic, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop, but right now I am very happily enjoying what has been a rather excellent few weeks.

There has been entertainment galore - Vitalogy with Jenn et al, movies galore (Watchmen, The Wrestler, Slumdog Millionaire and many others), and the start of March Madness today1. Taxes are finished, and Canada owes me about $1,600 - which should fund May's trip very nicely.

I have also been seeing Meaghan for a little over three weeks; although, at varying times, it's felt like it's been far less and far more than three weeks. We're in that wonderful goofy-smile part of the relationship, but so far she's been able to put up with me. It's true that you miss 100 per cent of the shots you don't take2; you never know what will happen3.

I've also had the opportunity in the past few months to rekindle some friendships. I've gained a wonderful movie companion in Jenn, after apparently never running into one another in Barrie in the three-plus years I was there. I'd also like to apologize to her (and say "You're welcome") for introducing her to 24.

Carley and I have also been in closer touch than we have been in too long of a time, and that means an incredible amount to me. I also think she'd greatly enjoy Prince Edward Island if a summer trip materializes.

Unfortunately, distance and schedules have caused some relationships to suffer, but I've always maintained that the best friends in life are the ones with whom you can fall out of touch and then re-connect without skipping a beat, so we'll see what lasts. I really do adore the people in my life and the times I've had with them - I just forget to tell them that sometimes.

All of these things taken together has already made this really a wonderful 2009. But, I've been writing this for several hours now, so I'm going to go watch UCLA and VCU. May your team's aim be true, and may your brackets stay intact. Have a good one, it would appear that I will.

1 - I'll be cheering for Duke and Pitt, but I think UNC will be victorious (unless Ty Lawson misses much more time)
2 - Which is schmarmy, yes, but I don't care
3 - For example, you might spend four hours trying to get the wording of the "shot" just right before hitting SEND

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