Monday, March 02, 2009

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lunatic

February has come and gone - although the February temperatures remain - and following closely on its tail is the month of March, as it often does. March brings a lot of stuff with it - hopefully spring weather, occasionally Easter, and a little 65-team basketball tournament dubbed 'March Madness'.

Now, I played basketball for a year in high school, I covered the Humber Hawks women's basketball team for the Humber Et Cetera (without, somehow, realizing how bloody awesome that team was), and am a professional basketball fan. However, before I moved into Unit 24 at 261 Rose Street in Barrie with Mr. John Robertson Neale, I never fell victim to the siren song of NCAA basketball. Two years later, the annual dance has become a serious part of my Marches.

I don't have a team I follow closely, but I do follow the tournament and the players. It invariably provides more drama than the average NBA game; upsets (although no 16 seed has ever upset a #1; will this be the year?1) not only provide excitement, but have landed many people a pretty penny from friends. There is also a certain draw to seeing players miss shots that their NBA counterparts barely even think about - there's a certain realism to the game; it's not Kobe and LeBron trading fadeaway, no-look jumpers, and Josh Smith and Dwight Howard swatting away seven and eight shots a game. This is a sport where a dominant performer scores 30 points in a game.

Needless to say, I'll be watching a lot of basketball this month. You should too. Yes, a lot of these kids will sign multi-million dollar contracts, not to mention multi-million dollar sponsorship deals, but some of the heroes may never be heard from again, and this could be the only time they'll shine on such a stage.

1 - Doubt it

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