Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mutiny on the Comics Page

It's been discussed in this household as I'm sure it's been discussed in many households - about two weeks, the Toronto Star's comics page was hijacked and some fool replaced Get Fuzzy with W.T. Duck1.

Kathy English, the Star's public editor, contributed a letter in the op-ed pages, explaining the decision. Perhaps "explaining the decision" is a little misleading - the final four paragraphs of her rather tongue-in-cheek, "This is what you care about?" letter are the part that actually deal with reasons. The rest of the letter, as you will read if you want, deals with the consequences that they have previously faced when changing the comics page.

It obviously is something that people care very deeply about2, and there would be a backlash regardless of what comic was removed, but really? Get Fuzzy had to be the one that got axed? For W.T. Duck?


Get Fuzzy

...for this?

W.T. Duck

I'll admit, on the surface it's one anthropomorphic animal cartoon for another, but not only is Get Fuzzy a far superior looking strip, it is also - so far; maybe W.T. Duck will get better - a far wittier, funnier, clever comic. It's by no means perfect - there are times when it can border on corny, and it can sometimes go a little overboard in some of the characterisations - but I'd think there would be plenty of other options to drop3.

I doubt it's gonna work, but I'm going to join the crowd - Bring Get Fuzzy Back.

1 - W.T. Duck...W.T.F...coincidence?
2 - And I am one of them - I still remember Calvin & Hobbes' final appearance (which was, obviously, for different reasons)
3 - Family Circus, Marmaduke, Pardon My Planet, Mutts (I'm sorry, I freaking hate Mutts)

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Anonymous said...

It's not a coincidence; W.T. Duck was originally titled "What the Duck" before it was altered to suit newspaper editors.

I do wholeheartedly agree with your other thoughts on the Star's comic page. Out of all the strips to cut, why one that's still funny and relevant? Sigh. Someone should start a petition.