Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This post was actually going to be made a while ago, but luckily I waited1, as the posting has become infinitely more pertinent.

The original post was going to revolve around the "Re-stocking Fees" I got saddled with on my account. Not much, $3.96, and, I know, if I'd gotten them back when they were due, it wouldn't have been an issue. The problem is that I was under the impression they were back on time - at least, on time enough to avoid extra fees. It turns out that they were late, because Blockbuster changed their return time from midnight to noon (just as they did a few years ago when they and Rogers had a war regarding return times), thus, the lateness.

But, that complaint seems to be moot now, as Blockbuster and Rogers appear at odds, again, over their rental practices. Rogers recently moved to a rental structure that lets the customer choose - let's call it "Perceived Free Will" - how they will rent their movies. The structure involves the choice of a low, one-day rental fee, OR, for an additional fee, no late charges.

Blockbuster held onto their "No Late Charges" policy for a while, but have now opted to ape Rogers one more time.2 They now offer the customer the choice of a 2-Night Rental (which, if I read the policies correctly, still includes additional rental fees if returned late) or a 7-Night Rental, for a little less than twice the price.

I'm sure there were many lunch hours of research and a lot of gut feelings on both sides to finally decide on this structure, and I'm also sure there will be plenty of tiny revisions before everything is finalized. It all boils down, though, to a lot of unhappy customers, lobbing insults and bad attitudes at customer service staff that can do nothing more than bow their heads and go, "God I hate working for these people."

Remember - no matter how stupid the idea is, the people behind the counter didn't have any input, so give them a break.

1 - Read: "Was lazy and didn't update"
2 - Which, in the coming months, will probably lead Rogers to change again, probably under some sort of a "Making Renting Movies Easier" marketing campaign

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