Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hoo Boy, She's Gonna Be A Long One

First, an observation - it would seem that the weather is conspiring this year to keep me from fully enjoying sporting events. But, first, to backtrack - and provide updates.

Oh, let's start April 6th, shall we? That way it makes me feel a little less lazy in regards to updates, seeing as that's less than a week removed from my last one. For those of you that remember the weather that day, you may recall that, after a week of double-digit positive temperature, Mother Nature dropped between five and 10 centimetres of "the white stuff" on many parts of Ontario. On that very same day, Meaghan had purchased us tickets to the Jays home opener against the Tigers. Unfortunately, both the weather and her sickness combined to waylay those plans. I did, however, have a wonderful evening simply rubbing her feet while she tried not to feel too sick.1

There will, of course, be several other trips to games (the weekend of June 26-28, July 25, and hopefully other dates, possibly in other cities), it was just a shame because Megs was sick, and it was a rather eventful game!

Later on that week, Megs and I watched Seven Pounds.

Carley was right.

We're also in the middle of Doubt, which is so far much better.2 I also have My Name is Bruce upstairs waiting for me. Meaghan did not wish to see that one.3

The end of the week brought a trip to Buffalo and Niagara - a trip detailed further above4 - and a trip to BMO Field to see Toronto FC take on FC Dallas with my dad.

Toronto FC vs. FC Dallas

Here, further, was evidence that the weather is conspiring to make sports less than completely enjoyable. While we knew it wouldn't be terribly warm, we did not know that it would be all of about 6oC with quite a strong wind, and our seats obscured in the shade for about 60 minutes of play. Happily, we were able to acquire, for a nicely discounted price, two nice TFC sweaters and a couple of toques. It did not help alleviate the coldness in our hands, or the uncomfortableness of the stadium's Big Wheel-style seats, but for the first time I've seen Toronto FC live, there really couldn't have been any complaints. Unfortunately, the game ended in a 1-1 tie, after FC Dallas scored in about the 88th minute to tie it up, but the entire experience was quite exceptional.

So, all things considered, it's been a busy few days; a great few days, but a busy few days. I actually have four consecutive days off of work - aided by Sport Mart being closed for two of those four days - and I've been able to have some very enjoyable experiences so far. With any luck, the next couple of days will be a little more relaxing in nature; I don't know about Megs, but I'm ready to put my feet up. That being said, I still need glasses, a haircut, to clean the fishtank, and I haven't exactly been punctual at giving Jenn her birthday present!

1 - For the record, the day after she watched her first episode of 24, she felt quite a bit better. She says it's because I "took care of her", I say it was all Jack Bauer

2 - Meryl Streep's Noo Yawk accent in a film completely bereft of Noo Yawk accents notwithstanding

3 - She puts up with a lot of my dorky boyishness, but I'll give her credit - if she doesn't want to watch something, she'll tell me I'm watching it alone

4 - Detailed further soon - right now, I'm sleepy

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