Monday, May 25, 2009

The Baby-Sitters Club and Adventures at Sea

Much has happened in the last month which has precluded me from actually sharing what has happened - partly because I simply haven't had time, partly because I simply haven't had energy.

I've been on a cruise, seen X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, seen Ben and Josee's new house, seen the Jays beat the Chicago White Sox, and celebrated three wonderful months with Meaghan.


The cruise, on the Carnival Glory, was very wonderful. We were originally destined to stop in Mexico twice, Belize and the Bahamas, but the swine flu outbreak put a kink in those plans, and resulted in stops in Bahamas, St. Thomas, USVI, and St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles, plus an extra day at sea.1 Each day on land was wonderful, and there were plenty of sites to be seen, including some high-value targets in the Doppelgänger game.2 We also had dinner with three very nice ladies from North Carolina, and were served by two excellent gentlemen from the Philippines.


Both movies - the second of which was part of the three-month anniversary - were decent; Night at the Museum was better than X-Men. The best part about X-Men, however, was that it was at the Orion Gate Cineplex Odeon in Brampton which I had never been to and am a big enough dork to think that's a cool fact. Plus we had an excellent dinner at Applebee's. Night at the Museum came after a dinner at the Fishbowl in Barrie, with their brand-new menu. And all this after a very long week at work (detailed below), the pain of which was completely washed away after an evening with Meaghan.


Meaghan and I spent Victoria Day with about 25,000 of our closest friends at the Jays game, watching them beat the Chicago White Sox. I also got a new hat, which I have been assured is "lame" due to it not being the Atlanta Braves. But, they won, I was with Megs, and we got ballpark franks, so all was good.

Work/Baby-Sitters Club

I always knew I worked with some young, immature people - I mean, come on, we've got two 16-year-olds and a 15-year-old - but I wasn't aware just how many older, immature people I work with. The unnecessarily petty disagreements of the last couple of weeks are really quite disheartening, and that coupled with having worked five consecutive weekends (four of which included the Friday as well), not to mention customers, has left me more tired that usual after work. Plus, we just went live (on Thursday) with a new POS, which, so far3, has had very few glitches, and which everyone seems to be catching on to nicely.

But, right now, I actually need to head to that exclusive Club. Sorry for the slow update, I'll try to add a few pictures, but for now, I hope this suffices.

1 - On, essentially, a floating buffet, so not too shabby
2 - Where you try to find look-alikes for as many famous people as you can. We saw Santa, Edward Herrmann, Paul Maurice, Gary Sheffield, Bernie Mac, Richard Branson among others
3 - Knock on wood

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