Friday, May 01, 2009

The Most Expensive Way to Travel Third-Class

I'm not sure I know how to go on vacation.

In a little under seven hours, we (parents and I) will be heading to the airport to fly to Florida and leave on what should be a wonderful week-long cruise of the Western Carribean. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm very good at going on vacation.

I've been fielding questions all day about how excited I am - all the while secretly hoping: "Please don't ask me about going on vacation, I really just want today to be over so I can go on vacation." I just can't seem to get excited about a vacation until I'm actually on it. Perhaps I'm too realistic; I know that if a vacation's a week away, that's a week of people calling in sick to work, forgetting to get gas before work, trying to make lunches, and other such things.

Instead of getting ready to enjoy a week off work, I'm thinking about the fact that selfish people have resulted in my closing all week at work, meaning I've barely had a chance to see Meaghan this week and won't now see her for another week. I'm thinking about the fact that Ben's moving and I've been exactly no help. I'm thinking about the fact that when I get back to work, I have no doubt questions about the trip1 will quickly be replaced by lamentations about the week of closing/opening/sales prep/actually doing one's job.

On the other hand, I'm looking forward to the week off work, the nice warm weather, the chance to travel. I'm also looking forward to coming back to Megs, and seeing Ben, and catching up on movies I've missed with them, Jenn and Anita, and whomever else wants to come.

Make no mistake, I am certainly looking forward to this trip, I just don't think I'm programmed like everyone else - I haven't told too many people I'm going, I haven't had a suitcase on the bed for the last three weeks, and I didn't leave work early2. I will try to take a lot of pictures, and I will certainly try to keep in touch, but if this is the first you're hearing of my vacation, it's because, again, I'm not sure I know how to go on vacation.

1 - Which, admittedly, I don't mind not fielding
2 - I certainly would have loved to, if only to see Meaghan for a couple more hours, but the Sport Mart Flu kept that from happening

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