Sunday, May 31, 2009


Meaghan, Heather and I just saw Up. Is it good? There's a talking dog named 'Dug'. 'Nuff said.

Yes, it was fantastic - it probably battles Watchmen for the best movie I've seen theatrically this year, although they are obviously vastly different movies.

It features a delightful mixture of heartstring-tugging drama - seriously, if you're not trying to hold back tears 10 minutes in, you're not watching the same movie - and knee-slapping comedy.

Now, it's not exactly hard reporting to poke plot holes in a Disney-Pixar film, but there were a couple of things Meaghan and I wondering:

  • The main antagonist of the film is first introduced when Carl is probably 8 or 9; the antagonist is probably in his 30s. When he is re-introduced later in the film, they appear to be about the same age - Carl may even be older
  • What did everyone eat?
There were more, but it was at this point that Heather pointed out that we were wondering about these plot points before questioning the fact that Carl and Russell flew a house via helium balloons to South America. This is because Heather has no imagination.

Go see this movie, it is beyond enjoyable, just try not to get caught up in the little points.

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