Thursday, June 18, 2009


There is an economical adage that, basically, says that a good way to jumpstart an economy is to pay a man to dig a hole, and then pay another to fill it back in. Pretty straightforward really - even if it's just busywork, it's still work, for which those people will be paid. With that money, they can then go out and buy things, which will in turn make those businesses busier, requiring them to schedule more staff, which gives those people more money, and so on.1

I bring this random piece of knowledge up because we at Sport Mart have had quite the set of make-work projects recently. There is a new President of Sport Mart after some corporate shuffling and, as a result, we've been cleaning and organizing like crazy, all while suffering through a painfully dead patch customer-wise. It is, unfortunately, this dead patch2 that has given our District Manager leave to demand that Curtis slice hours drastically.

So, instead of a normal system where one or two team members come in specifically for the purpose of cleaning, that job now has to be balanced with customer service3 by whatever team is left standing after the cuts, which always works well when covered in dust/paint/sweat. Essentially, they're asking the same guy to dig the hole, as well as fill it in, often at the same time.

But, hey, I'm getting awfully good at writing cover letters.

1 - Then, of course, they all buy houses they can't afford from banks that don't care that they can't afford them, and we wind up where we are, but that's besides the point
2 - And I mean dead. As in, we're coming up short by, like, $10,000 per week to budget, whereas $10,000 alone is usually an average Saturday
3 - Where we're getting wonderfully helpful advice that we need to sell more

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