Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Canada's Team

And for the fourth time this year, baseball was had. My dad and I, and Meaghan and her parents1 took in the Jays-Rays matchup on Canada Day, saw a gem from Ricky Romero, a pair of homeruns, and a 5-0 Jays win.

My dad and I got there nice and early (early enough that we averaged out the two hours we sat in traffic for the June 27th game), and went down to field level where we were lucky enough to score autographs from Jason Bartlett and Randy Choate. I'll happily admit I'm a giant dork for autographs.

Jason Bartlett/Randy Choate Autograph

After the game, they closed the roof and played a nice little video and had quite a little fireworks display (one of the few not canceled in Toronto due to the garbage strike). It was an excellent way to spend a Canada Day - got to spend the day with Meaghan, baseball, and pyrotechnics.

1 - Meaghan's dad and my dad spent from about the fifth inning on, including the subway trip back to Yorkdale, talking. And Meaghan was worried there would be awkward small talk - HA! Not with our families!

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