Monday, July 06, 2009

It Is All Over (Not Really, I Have It For A Few More Days)

What with UFC 100 less than a week away, and Meaghan, her sisters, and Amy having fun in Ohio, I decided to rent UFC Undisputed.1

The game has gotten very solid reviews, mostly 8/10 and up, and thus far it's living up to the ratings. I mean, I loved Ultimate Fighting Championship and UFC: Throwdown2, and the reviews of Undisputed are labelling those early games as failures, so that should mean this one is nearly flawless.

It's awfully close.

There is a huge roster of fighters (80), each weight class is well-represented, and each fight is presented as though it were on TV. The graphics are also strikingly real, although with 7th-Generation consoles, that shouldn't be at all shocking. It features a rich and textured career mode (which I just finished), a great deal of customization options for created fighters, a top-notch tutorial program, and a dozen or so "Classic Fights", which include videos beforehand recounting the fights therein depicted, the history of the battle, the aftermath of the battle, and so on. The simulated fights all act as keys for unlockable montages of the real fight.

Therein, however, lies the first problem (although it may soon evaporate). The first fight I wanted to unlock was Serra vs. St-Pierre II (for obvious reasons to Canadian fight fans). To unlock it, the player has to score a TKO or knockout with GSP over Serra in the second round, as St-Pierre did in real life. Unfortunately, as is also the case in real life, Matt Serra sucks balls, and I was able to knock him out before the end of the first round. I had to do the fight three times, and leave Serra prone on the ground a few times just to get to the second round.

The only other "problem" I've found thus far is that, against light heavyweight opponents at least, BJJ and really any kind of groundwork is only slightly necessary. I finished a career as a light heavyweight, and went 30-8. Of those fights, one ended in a decision, the other 37 ended in either knockouts or TKOs. I attempted a few submissions, and eventually got decent at transitioning, striking, and defending from the guard and mount positions, but they didn't prove particularly necessary.

But, as I said, those are the only problems thus far3, and the game appears to have a great deal of replay value4.

All in all, a highly geeky way to spend a weekend without female supervision.

1 - After spending several days playing Godfather II
2 - Many of the elements of both games are visible here, particularly the joystick work required for ground and grapple work
3 - So far, I haven't had to see much Dana White and absolutely no Joe Rogan (although you definitely hear him), so those are definitely excellent features
4 - Even if it's just to beat the piss out of Matt Serra a few more times

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