Friday, July 17, 2009

Wagons West!

Paris Las Vegas

So, Meaghan and I are off to the magical land of Nevada.

After several weeks of eliminating variables, we've booked a vacation at the end of September to Las Vegas.1 We're going to stay at Paris Las Vegas2, and, for the moment, our only planned event is a Los Angeles Kings-Colorado Avalanche game at MGM Grand, so any suggestions are certainly welcome.

We did our research and managed to find a rather cheap combination of flight and hotel that won't make us rearrange our entire lives; in fact, I'll only need to use one vacation day3, and Megs will wind up using, I think, three. We'll even get there at a fairly decent time, after going through, I believe, Dallas, and we'll be home around 9 in the evening, after Cleveland, so we won't be dead for work.

And there you go - two more months, and there might be a couple of new Facebook profile pics.

1 - And we're not getting married, just in case you're planning to ask
2 - Which, I swear to God is being marketed to gays and lesbians, so there may be some fabulous pictures
3 - One of the nice things about working weekends is they make a work schedule much more flexible


ccentenrun said...

I recommend Cirque du Soleil. There's a couple shows there, one pretty racy, but sounds fascinating.

Also, I don't get your comment about fabulous pictures resulting from it being marketed to gays and lesbians. A marketing strategy doesn't make an identified group into a zoo. Unless I'm way off base and you didn't mean what it sounded like to me.

Mike said...

I've gotta admit, Cirque really freaks me out, but we'll see. And yes, there are quite a few racy shows from the looks of it!

And I meant that, if their marketing strategy works, there will be a larger proportion of gays and lesbians there, which means a higher chance that we'll cross paths with some very colourful individuals. Of course...we are in Vegas to begin with...

ccentenrun said...

Ya, that's how I understood it... And you always take pictures of colourful individuals?

Sorry, I find it kind of an offensive thing to say. You know, a lot of gay and lesbian people aren't 'colourful.' They have boring jobs, and dress like average people, and have families, and they like to take holidays. Only, its an unfortunate reality that they do have to look for places that are queer-friendly. And as you said, if there are any holiday goers of a more flamboyant style, I doubt they'll stand out amongst the strippers, dancers, magicians, performers, gamblers etc.

Anyways, end of lecture. I know you probably didn't mean it to be offensive. Just came across to me as a stereotype and odd thing to say at all.

Mike said...

I'm perfectly aware they have boring jobs, dress normally, have families, houses and dogs; so do I. But I know that if I do something particularly outlandish, there will probably be a few camera clicks.

Didn't mean it to be offensive, because I would still have commented had the hotel been marketed towards Muslims, goths, Canadians, little people, MMA fans, or frat boys. If there is a particularly unique, colourful individual or group of individuals, I might just take a picture of them.

ccentenrun said...

yes, but your connection is that outlandish things are disproprotionately found among gay populations. and i doubt that if it were marketed to muslims that you'd pull out the camera and caption it 'girl in a veil - crazy!.' And IF you did something particularly outlandish and people took pictures, I doubt their association would be, "wow, how crazy and incredibly straight."

i do get where the comment came from, im just trying to get you to see that it is actually a problematic thing to say. "unique, colourful" is just another way of saying different, and a statement that first off stereotypes a minority group and second off suggests that that makes them photographable as if they're an exhibit in a zoo, just smacks of ignorance of anything counter to a heteronormative, white suburban view of the world.

ccentenrun said...

[not to say that you are ignorant or anything. i know you're as open-minded as the next guy. just wanted to get you to actually review the meaning behind what is otherwise probably generally only an off-handed comment. that's how oppression gets institutionalised.....]

peace. (ha, i feel like i'm channeling my hippie friends in this argument.)