Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There is a Road that Meets the Road that Goes to my House

...and how the green grows there.

No...wait, it actually really doesn't. Unless "the green" is code for "asphalt" and "grows" is code for "is torn up and re-spread". Meaghan and I have spent much of the summer1 finding alternate routes through town due to construction. There are sub-divisions being built next to both Meaghan and my houses (a quick note on that later), and there are a few roads in between that just badly needed re-paving.

Both Amelia and Hansen have been closed at various times, which substantially impedes my ability to get to work - instead I am forced to use Broadway or First Street, neither of which are exactly marvels of traffic management. That, coupled with the collection of super-cautious drivers on the road at the times I tend to be driving to work, turns a three- or four-minute commute into a 15- or 20-minute drive.2

Meaghan has had similar problems, as she had to detour to get to Highway 10 for most of August, and, for a few days at least, even the detour had to be detoured around due to the construction.

The currently annoying part of the entire situation is that they have been remarkably on schedule all summer - each road closure was announced well ahead of time, and re-opened on time. However, everying was supposed to be finished September 1; evidently, lacking some sort of time-traveling device or supersonic flight backwards around the earth, this schedule shall not be met.

On the subdivision note, the one down the street from me has a main road called "Victor Large Way", in honour of a mayor from the 1970s and 1980s. There was a law passed a few years ago in Orangeville that at least half of the streets in a new development must be drawn from an approved list of names - historical names, as well as the names of veterans, mayors, reeves and councillors. Orangeville's been trying recently to educate its citizens on the people and places of the city's past, but until they start actually catering to the people that weren't there to experience the people and places firsthand, no one's going to care.3

1 - Now officially over, but I'm not certain of its actual beginning
2 - "Why don't you just walk?" Because even if it hadn't rained all God-damned summer, they have also turned the sidewalks into a post-apocalyptic wasteland
3 - Unless, a few years from now, there's a street named after the guy that got all of the construction done on time. Now that's a street I'd read up on

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