Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Type of (Stupid) Guy I Am

As Labour Day came and went, we found ourselves at the ballpark for another holiday (which is becoming a wonderful, wonderful tradition).1 I'm somehow surrounded by people that put up with my fanatical baseball problem, but, if I keep this up, I may soon start losing those people:

At this past game2, Meaghan, myself, and my parents arrived in time for batting practice - which is becoming another wonderful tradition - so Megs and I decided to wait to see if we could get some autographs. Not only did we get autographs, but I actually got tossed a ball from a Minnesota player. I handed the ball to Megs, but then looked over my shoulder and realised there was a little kid there. I then proceeded, as though my body were possessed by someone that has caught tons of foul balls and couldn't really care less, to give the ball to the kid.

Let me repeat:

I took the ball from my girlfriend and gave it to a kid I have never met3.

Meaghan spent the rest of the game with me, although I assume it was in protest. I suppose, though, that we'll just have to take in a few more games before the year is out, although I might not be allowed down to the field for fear of giving souvenirs away.

I did, however, manage to get another autograph. Not on a ball, though.

Jose Mijares

1 - Unfortunately, the Jays current woes seem to ensure there won't be a Thanksgiving Jays game any time in the near future
2 - Another loss. I think we've seen only one win, and are still yet to see Roy Halladay pitch
3 - Named Krystian, if his shirt could be taken as an indicator

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