Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reflections, the Work Part

It occurs to me that I'm just going to have to find time to update this thing; time hidden somewhere in the two days off from work I've had since September 23. Don't get me wrong, however - I am far from complaining, because this sudden influx of work is (partly) due having gotten a new job working at Wilfrid Laurier University1.

I've actually interviewed for three2 different positions at Laurier since leaving Georgian, and, after various degrees of farting around due to union issues and people quitting that hadn't been expected to quit, I have a new job. The less-than-spectacular thing is that the posting only lasts until April 2010, but simply being here gives me not only the opportunity to apply for internal postings as my posting nears its close, but to at least gain experience not as "student staff"3.

For the time being, I'm remaining at Sport Mart, partially for the discount and partially to keep a foot in the door there, should nothing materialize in seven months. This may prove difficult, though, as time progresses, as I worked four days there the same week I started at Laurier and will be working a full shift and then inventory this weekend4. I've attempted to drop hints and make suggestions for someone to replace me in my full-time capacity5, and, frankly, if they don't give it to the person I'm suggesting, he could very well begin looking earnestly for a new job as well. But, I'm sure there will be updates to come about that.

On a final note, when I resigned from full-time, the District Manager asked if it was a case of money. It was an interesting question, as Sport Mart actually pays a half-decent wage for retail. I suppose that I would say "No" for it being the reason I was looking6, but I would say a hearty "Yes" for it being part of the reason I accepted.

1 - Working in Athletics, nonetheless
2 - And applied for countless more
3 - Which, based on my experiences, appears quite akin to "flippin' burgers"
4 - I am not, however, the only soul being put through that purgatory
5 - With the ultimate goal being that I won't need to close every single Friday and Saturday
6 - Working in retail was the reason I was looking to work somewhere other than retail

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