Wednesday, October 14, 2009

While You Have My Attention

Since my last post, I've had a total of two days off, one of which was a statutory holiday. And, in this post, I won't actually be providing a great deal of updates, as I'm trying to catch up on three weeks of television. However, I can quickly recount the events of the past weeks.

Shortly after my last post, Meaghan and I were whisked away to the 100-degree Fahrenheit weather1 of Las Vegas, Nevada. The trip, forever enshrined in picture form on Facebook, was simply wonderful. The weather was magnificent, our hotel - Paris Las Vegas - was amazing, the sights and sounds were incredible, and we even won about $70 on the slot machines2.

Shortly before leaving, however, I found out that I got a new job at Wilfrid Laurier University.3 It's only a 7-month posting, so I'm maintaining employment at Sport Mart, plus the discount is very difficult to give up.

All in all, the last couple of weeks have been slightly crazy, but a good crazy - a new job, somehow lots of time with Meaghan, and a couple of good movies.

1 - That is until the day after we came home, when the temperature dropped to a still-balmy 75 degrees
2 - Seventy dollars which was ultimately re-invested into said slot machines; overall, we spent about twenty of our own dollars, and came away with $8.
3 - Third time's the charm, I suppose!

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