Friday, November 13, 2009

Grumpiness, Thy Name is "Waterloo Residents"

What is with the grumpiness lately, people? Has anyone else been subjected to a sudden rash of grumpiness and irritability in their daily lives? Has anyone else found a seemingly complete lack of desire to laugh, joke around, or have fun? Has the Christmas-driven bitchiness started this early?

Allow me to give four examples, all from the last two weeks.

Example the First

I get a call from someone at Laurier, which ultimately results in my getting his phone number, which is (905) 936-XXXX. Having worked at Blockbuster and Sport Mart long enough, I recognize this as a Tottenham phone number. I mention I'm from Orangeville and know a few people from Tottenham. This is greeted with silence and, finally, "Oh". My suspicion was that this was maybe just not as interesting a revelation as I thought.

Example 2

I get an e-mail from one of the groups that regularly uses Laurier's pool. I mention in my e-mail back to him that I went to high school with one of his former swimmers. As soon as I found out the connection, I thought it was rather cool; very "It's a small world, after all". The content of the e-mail I received back was "Ok." The crap? Is his a Name Which Shall Not Be Spoken? Jeez.

Example C

I'm coming home from Waterloo along a road frequented by all manner of farm equipment. On this particular day, I encountered a rather large vehicle that had just pulled onto a road, so it was going about 20 km/h. I pulled out to pass and pulled back in after having passed. I then passed an oncoming car that had been blaring its horn for about 5 seconds because, I suppose, he thinks we nearly collided. As I passed, I also noticed he was gesticulating quite aggressively in my general direction.1

Example 22

Again, I'm coming home, and I've reached Fergus. I was waiting for the oncoming traffic's filtered green to end so I could turn right. A truck booted it around the corner, and as my light turned green, I had to wait a couple of seconds to go through, as he was still clearing the intersection. I then commenced my right turn, only to be honked at by another highly skilled motorist who, I guess, thought we were in England and his turning left granted him the right of way.2 I had always thought that on a green light, you couldn't really go wrong by turning right, but I guess things are different in Fergus.

All of this, and I get to work tonight, tomorrow, and Monday in a retail location! Huzzah!

Where is the heart? Won't someone think of the children? Won't everyone just stop being a collective dick? Cheer up - it's November and the snow hasn't3 started flying, the stock markets are up, the Leafs aren't last in the NHL, and the sun will come out tomorrow. Cheer up people; the grumpiness is rubbing off on me, and I don't do snarky very well.

1 - He was not on his cell phone, however, so it was a perfectly safe thing to do
2 - He got flipped off; it was a Friday and I wasn't in the mood for Dumb
3 - Knock, knock

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