Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hey Ma, Get the Gun

Meaghan and I ventured up through the Northern Passage1 to Orillia this past Sunday, to pay our first visit in a while to Ben and Josee (and a significantly larger Maddy). Both couples have been on vacations since we last met, so there were a few good stories to share (on our end - balloon hat guy, the Stratosphere, among others).

They've also started doing a bit of a reno on their house, tearing up carpet and replacing it with a floating hardwood laminate floor. When it's done, it should look extremely nice, and it will also help when people stay over.

We had a lovely, Festive lunch at Swiss Chalet, a few rousing games of Scene It, and lots of running around with the puppy. We had planned on seeing 2012 as none of us had been to a movie any time recently, but Tribute lied to us, and we arrived at the theatre about half an hour late for the show. We wound up going to see The Box, which, while not bad, was definitely a roller coaster ride between crap and enjoyable. It is definitely a very dark movie, and you'd definitely left feeling rather disturbed at several points, but it's not half bad. I'm not sure, though, what's holding Cameron Diaz together.

We topped the evening off with some Big Bang Theory, a little Family Guy, and mostly just good conversation. Ben and Josee had hockey on Sunday night which, had we not had to drive home that night for work the next morning, would have been very fun to watch. Apparently Ben had a breakaway that resulted in him getting tripped up into the end boards, but I'll give him credit - at least he's out on the ice. I haven't played ice hockey in over 10 years, and my last game ended with my taking a puck to the head.

Overall, a very fun trip, as always, to Orillia. There were a ton of laughs, and, hopefully, with a real weekend off upcoming, something to be repeated very shortly.

1 - The 400 and Highway 11

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