Monday, November 16, 2009

When Pretentiousness Goes Awry

One thing I missed about being in college (and didn't know I missed until I rediscovered it) was witnessing college guys with no game macking on the latest source of their affections by proudly displaying the mind-expanding and preconceived notion-shattering things they've discovered since entering the ranks of post-secondary education.1

Meaghan and I came to the new-and-marginally-improved Conestoga Mall a couple of weekends ago, and, upon exiting Old Navy, were treated to a very Big Bang Theory-like display of know-it-all one-ups-manship between two guys and the girl that was with them.

Friend A (He of the Trenchcoat Worn in Unseasonably Warm Weather): Pfeh, candy canes. What do those have to do with Christmas?
NOTE: He probably has an Easter Bunny routine worked up for the spring.
Friend B (He of the T-shirt and Scarf Ensemble): Shepherd's cane.
Friend A: What?
Friend B: They represent a shepherd's cane.
Friend A: (Stunned silence. A nearly uncomfortable length of stunned silence. Seriously, his buddy had checked through the till before he even moved.)

And that is just one of the dangers of not rehearsing your material ahead of time.

More to come about Orillia! Stay tuned!

1 - I can judge them because I'm sure I provided a great deal of laughs

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