Monday, December 21, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Keg

After finally figuring out who would be coming with us, a good-sized crew of us went down to watch the Raptors shut down the New Orleans Hornets1 on Sunday. The game tipped off (for some reason) a half-hour earlier than originally scheduled, which worked out well, as we (Megs and I) had to get up to Newmarket for some fast shopping and dinner at the Keg2 with Ben and his family for his birthday.

Ben's mum had called ahead and made a reservation (which was good; there were eight of us, and the restaurant was rather busy). The only hiccup in that little plan was that neither we nor the Keg expected another Debbie to come in with a party of eight. When the hostess asked them if they were the reservation at 5:30, this Bizarro Debbie assumed (and rightfully so) that someone must have called ahead and made a reservation. As such, we had to wait (only about five minutes, tops) to be seated while they tried to figure out the mess, which really did turn out to be a million-to-one shot of having two groups with the same name and the same size arriving at the same time.

I was worried that it was going to tarnish our night, as some in our group are the types of people to expect 6-star service everywhere they go and any little snag is reason enough to demand freebies, but the entire dinner went splendidly. The waiter even brought over a sidewalk slab-sized slice of mocha cake with a sparkler3 for Ben's birthday, that we somehow managed to collectively eat despite already having eaten far, far too much.4

The entire evening went very well, only to be soured by the fact that most of us had to go to work the next morning. That, and we weren't sure if it would be wise to slip into the protein coma from which we were all suffering, lest we not awaken the following morning.

Happy birthday to Ben (as well as two badass mofos).

1 - Although they dribbled out the clock when they were a mere layup away from winning free (although rarely redeemed) Pizza Pizza for the crowd
2 - Ironically, The Keg was the "cheap" dinner choice, winning out over Milestone's, for which I got Ben's parents a giftcard for Christmas
3 - Which was not photographed due to an uncooperative camera
4 - And there was no singing, something which Ben factored into his choice of The Keg

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