Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Philadelphia, You're Welcome

The city of Philadelphia and the Phillies organization are not only getting one of the top 5 pitchers in baseball in Roy Halladay (who will absolutely dominate National League batters, despite Ed's insistence that his having to bat will significantly negatively affect him), but they are clearly getting one of the classiest players in baseball.

It's a shame it was in the Sun, but Halladay took out a full-page ad to thank Blue Jays fans, the organization and the city of Toronto after his departure for more World Series-friendly pastures.

Contrasted against AJ Burnett's less-than-classy "I'm outta here" departure last season, this highlights the fierce competitor and genuine personality that has graced the Blue Jays organization for the last 15 years. When Halladay was pitching to a 10.64 ERA to start this decade, I doubted he could ever make a career out of pitching more than batting practice, but his work ethic and dedication to his craft helped him win his way back into the majors, back into the rotation, and right into the hearts of many a Torontonian.

I'm a giant dork, so I've already written Halladay a letter in Philadelphia, but even if I weren't pre-inclined to dorkdom, I think his open letter might have convinced me to do the same.

Good luck in Philadelphia; with any luck, before you retire, perhaps the two teams will meet in the World Series. For now, we'll just have to wait until June 25 to give you the ovation you deserve.

Roy Halladay Letter

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Ian H. said...

I thought it was a little strange that Halladay put this "thank you" letter in The Sun, too.

Why not the Toronto Star or the Globe and Mail?

Maybe the full page ad rates were better in the Toronto Sun, that's the best guess I have.