Friday, January 08, 2010

Best of 2009

I'm not even going to attempt to try to concoct some sort of "Best of the '00s" post, since I am completely baffled that we've gone through 10 years worth of the 2000s. However, I think I led an interesting enough 2009 - with much help - so here are a few things I remember from that time.

The year started off outside Ben's room in Barrie, being woken up by Phil playing his music unnecessarily loud. Yes, it was 10 am, but I don't think it was necessary to crank it to the point where the floor beneath could make out the words clearly. We had spent the night playing various Wii games, including Guitar Hero1.

February was busy with a trip with Jenn to see Vitalogy in Barrie, and seeing The International, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Taken, and The Wrestler. The latter movie holds particular significance, as it was Meaghan's and my first date.

In March, awesomeness was had as Meaghan, Jenn, Anita, and I saw Watchmen.

It wasn't a highlight, but the weather did not cooperate in getting Meaghan and I to the Jays home opener in April, but we did get to Buffalo for an "international day trip".

I went on a wonderful Caribbean Cruise in May, to continue the travelocity of the year, which was happily finished up in September in Las Vegas.

June was filled with baseball as well as friends, as a bunch of us got together2 - including Nad, Josee, Ben, Meaghan, ma, pa, and sister - for an All-You-Can Eat game. Sorry for the lateness, everybody.

I saw more baseball games this year than I have for a very long time, and found that Meaghan is wonderfully willing to indulge my wanting to get autographs, and even willing to stay with me when I give her things away. We spent two holidays (Victoria Day and Canada Day) watching baseball, I got autographs on three separate occasions3, and saw (I think) more wins than losses. We did not, however, see Roy Halladay throw a single pitch all year.

Other highlights I can think of include (in no particular order) back-to-back concerts for my birthday with Meaghan, Ben and Josée getting engaged4, Nancy and Mark getting engaged, two sleepovers and various other get togethers at the non-existent street in Orillia, getting together with Nancy, Mark, and Carley in October(ish), a Raptors game - with Meaghan's sisters, Maureen, Meaghan, and my dad - getting a new job, I saw many wonderful (and some not so wonderful) movies with various combinations of Meaghan, Ben, Josee, Jenn, and Anita, and overall had a truly fantastic year.

I have little to no doubt that I have forgotten several key moments from this past year5, so please don't get too offended if I've forgotten something I would otherwise remember if I weren't writing this at work!

Happy 2010! Only two more years until annihilation!

1 - The small set of skills I developed overnight had apparently completely deserted me when we played over Christmas
2 - Some of us for only the last couple of innings due to horrendous traffic on the 400
3 - The Tampa Bay Rays are by far my favourite visiting team
4 - And me being asked if I'd be best man
5 - Not the least of which is an epic fail while playing Clue


eyebleaf said...

The Rays? Really?

Mike said...

Yep, I went to 3 Jays-Rays game, and got autographs from 4 Tampa Bay players.