Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Haava Hän Suuttuu Häviöstä

Vesa Toskala

Vesa Toskala, still waiting for his work visa to come through so he can play for the Anaheim Ducks, decided to have a little rant the other day. From the Toronto Star:

Asked when [his mask] will get a new green-and-gold paint job, Toskala said, “Hopefully soon ... So I can wash that blue and white out of my gear.”

He then went on to say this, despite the fact that current Anaheim #1 Jonas Hiller just signed a big contract extension:

I don’t think I’m a back-up. I’m not going to complain or anything. If it’s my call, I would play every game because I love to play. When I play a lot, I play my best.

Except, of course, for his three seasons with the Leafs, where he has played 65% of their games, and has a 3.08 GAA, and an .894 save percentage, and was 62-54-20.1

Classy, dude. Have fun this off-season when you're a free agent.

1 - Hiller, for the record, has played just under 50% of Anaheim's games in the last three seasons, and has a 2.45 GAA and .920 save percentage, to go with a 56-38-4 record

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