Monday, March 08, 2010

A Quick Post-Oscar Post

I'm just going through Toronto Star entertainment dude Rob Salem's Live Oscar Blog/Chat. There's not really a ton to choose from, mostly people complaining about dresses, complaining about the hosts (who we barely saw, which I thought was the best part), wondering where Heath Ledger's tribute was1, and various laundry-related questions.

There was, however, one exchange, which will go down in my history as one of the greatest live chat discussions ever.

Nemodat: is it said [sic] that whenever I see Matt Damon, I immediately think of Team America - "Maatt Daamooonnn"
Rob Salem: And here i thought I was the only one. Very awkward when I actually met him tho. Do you know how bad I actually wanted to say that? Bet he woulda laughed. Or punched me

And, my day is made.

1 - They did do one. Last year. Because he died two years ago

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