Monday, March 22, 2010

TLC: Television Loves Chimeras

There is a new show on TLC (there was a special in December, but they've picked up additional episodes) called Little Chocolatiers. The show focuses on husband-and-wife duo Steve Hatch and Katie Masterson and their chocolate shop. It also focuses on how they run their business while being little people.


Essentially, TLC has smushed together Little People, Big World (or The Little Couple) and Cake Boss (or Ultimate Cake-Off).

But why stop there? Little people and dessert aren't the only money-making shows TLC has, so why not up the ante with shows like these:

18 Kids and Hoarding - A quirky couple lives in a giant, ranch-style home with their 18 kids. The twist? This family has never thrown anything out and the mess is reaching a critical mass. As the series progresses, the family barrels through a room at a time, cleaning out the garbage, learning valuable lessons about themselves, and discovering family members thought lost under the rubble.

What Not To Wear To Your Wedding - Soon-to-be-married couples are nominated by their friends to have their choices in wedding attire critiqued by a pair of fashion-forward hosts. Once their ludicrous choices are discarded, the couple is given $5,000 with which to buy a gown, bridal party gowns, tuxedos, and any other accessories deemed necessary.

Moving Up In Maricopa County - Ever wonder what happens to your house after you move out? This show takes you inside your old home to find out what the new owners have changed, and then follows your arrest and trial for Break & Enter and Trespassing.

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant With a Beauty Queen - Mothers that didn't know they were pregnant have often been handicapped when trying to expedite the process of entering their progeny into various beauty pageants. Other parents have up to nine more months to plan the pageant process; a mother with an unexpected kid simply doesn't have that time. Watch as they go through the surprise, heartache, elation, and pride that comes with unexpectedly having a child and then trotting her down the catwalk.

Jon & Kate Plus Ink - Everyone's favourite bickering, one-upping, fame-craving parents of funny-looking kids are back. The kids, having mostly grown out of their cuteness, and having probably been forgotten in the car, aren't featured in this series, though - it's time for the grown-ups to be the centre of attention. The premise is simple - Kate gets various meaningful tattoos that she eventually grows bored off and has removed. Subsequently, Jon shacks up with the daughter of the doctor that removes the tattoos.

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