Monday, April 19, 2010

Before the Cream Sets Out Too Long, You Must Blog It

Having used a substantial portion of my bloggable time to job hunt recently, I have not updated this for anything more purposeful than helping spread the word about the Canadian Redneck Games. As such, an update appears in the works.

My time at Laurier is winding down, as I enter my final 10 days in my position in Athletics. The girl that I am replacing is back today, which has brought into sharp focus the fact that I may need to return to the drudgery of retail yet again. Luckily, I've been assured that there will be full-time-ish hours available for me when I'm done1, but that does not erase the simple fact that I would whole-heartedly prefer that to be a non-issue.

Since beginning my quest in earnest in February, I have had three interviews - two at Laurier, and one at Georgian. The first Laurier job I didn't get, and I won't hear about the second until early May - which is a dreadfully long time to keep one's fingers crossed. The Georgian job was particularly frustrating, because I did not get it due to it being offered to an internal candidate. Now, I've come to accept that internal and external candidates are often interviewed during the same round of interviews2 - to save time and energy, and to hopefully have the position filled faster - but at least make it clear that this is the case. I ran into a similar problem at University of Waterloo once, where I interviewed for a job that eventually went to an internal candidate, despite the position being posted on the External Opportunities page.

Once again, I've been lucky enough to enjoy the brutal frustration that comes from having a slightly less-than-murky future suddenly become depressingly fog shrouded, but I suppose a worse situation would be to not have a job to go back to. I may, however, change that opinion after working for the whole weekend.

Meaghan and I took in the Jays home opener - which they unfortunately lost in extra innings, but hey, free baseball - along with 45,000 of our closest friends. And, like 35,000 of those friends, we haven't been back since. I'm sure there will be several more games this year, just as there were last year, but hopefully something even more awesome could fall into place.

There are plans, albeit hazy at the moment due to potential work commitments, to strike out on the road with Meaghan in an attempt to hit several of the following venues:

PNC Park
Nationals Park
Oriole Park
Citizens Bank Park
Citi Field
Yankee Stadium

Hopefully, in between the showers, parties, and weddings, we'll be able to strike out for six or seven days through Pennsylvania, DC, Maryland, and New York to catch some baseball, and expand our baseball stadium experiences (a race I am currently trailing 3-2, although I have been to Fenway).

We wanted to go to DC last year, and Meaghan definitely wants to go back to New York, so hopefully we can combine baseball and sight-seeing into a wonderful summer trip.

Before summer, however, Ben and I are going to Montreal for UFC 113 with Meaghan and Josée - although the ladies will not be partaking in the sweaty man-groping3.

UFC 113

Since the Ontario government has better things to do4, one must travel to Quebec or BC, or an entirely separate country to watch a live UFC event. As such, this will be our first such event, and it should be an exceptional one. I've sat ringside at a boxing match, and been to a couple of wrestling events, but nothing quite to the level of mixed martial arts. It will be interesting to see what the view is like from the nosebleeds - tickets started at $50, sold out fast, and resold for a gut-wrenching markup - and I fully expect the people-watching to be top-notch.

Beyond that, this final season of 24 has been seriously solid - even if, with seven hours left, they are getting close to out of ideas. There are, of course, the usual 24 problems - including the fact that the real-time format has been badly trampled on this year - but it's definitely been one of the more interesting seasons lately. We've also been watching V5, trying to keep up with How I Met Your Mother, and trying to stay up late to watch the brilliance that is Cheaters.

Joey Greco

On a final note, for a fit of boyishness, I've found myself suddenly inundated with electronic gaming stimulation - MLB 2K10 and Splinter Cell: Conviction have both been released and require my attention, and UFC Undisputed 2010 will be released at the end of May. That, coupled with a few rousing sessions of Deal or No Deal for the Wii with Meaghan, Jenn and Anita - at which I performed brutally - means the beginning of spring will feature a substantial thumb workout.

Let the mockery commence.

1 - Even if those hours begin next week, when I am not finished at Laurier; I hope that information has been passed along
2 - Even though the external candidate has a snowball's chance
3 - Their loss
4 - And rightfully so; I love UFC, but there are a lot more important things to worry about than deciding if it violates the Criminal Code or not
5 - Morena Baccarin was in V with Alan Tudyk who was in A Knight's Tale with Heath Ledger who was in The Dark Knight with Gary Oldman who was in JFK with KEVIN BACON

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