Wednesday, May 19, 2010


UFC 113

As previously mentioned, Ben, Meaghan, Josee, and I made the trip along the 401 to Montreal for UFC 113 (Ben and me) and shopping (Meaghan and Jo). We were within walking distance of both the Bell Centre and the Eaton Centre, and the hotel was right off the highway. Parking was akin to a nightmare, but it wound up being cheaper than advertised.

Unfortunately, it was a rainy night - while we were indoors - so Megs and Jo got a little wet on the way to a restaurant, but overall, it was a pretty excellent experience.

The Octagon
We arrived at the Bell Centre as the doors were opening, which gave us time to line up to have our pictures taken with a replica championship belt, and buy some merchandise (which was actually cheaper at the show than at the stores around Montreal). We missed Jason MacDonald having his leg broken two minutes and 42 seconds into the first round, but were in our seats for every other fight.

We were seated behind two fine gentlemen of the meathead persuasion, who grew progressively drunker and drunker as the evening went on, sort of joining in on the cheers and chants1 and generally entertaining the crowd around us in between breaks. Between the two of them, they probably saw the entire fight, as they both staggered down to the concourse several times throughout the event.

Of the seven Canadians fighting on the card, only one - Joe Doerksen - was victorious, although he was, perhaps, the most important victor.
Tom Lawlor
His opponent, Tom Lawlor, channeled his inner Apollo Creed and came to the ring draped in an American flag to "Living in America". Doerksen won by submission, and the fight even made it into the pay-per-view, despite being on the preliminary card.

Sam Stout and Jeremy Stephens were given Fight of the Night honours, after Stephens won by split decision.

Sam Stout and Jeremy Stephens

Both Kimbo Slice and Paul Daley fought for, apparently, the final time in the UFC.
Josh Koscheck acting injured
Daley sucker punched Josh Koscheck after their fight - which Koscheck probably deserved, after feigning injury soccer-style early in the match - and Dana White confronted him in the ring. Slice, who lost by TKO to Matt Mitrione, simply hasn't impressed in the UFC, so I suppose his time was finally up.

Paul Daley Getting Fired

The Patrick Cote-Alan Belcher fight provided, perhaps, the biggest
Alan Belcher
moment of the night. While in a clinch, Belcher essentially gave Cote a Power Bomb, dropping him on his face. This caused a great deal of commotion in the crowd, despite the fact that it wasn't an illegal move, and it caused even more complaint when Belcher grabbed Cote in a choke for Submission of the Night honours.

Patrick Cote landing on his head

Alan Belcher

The main event - a rematch between Lyoto Machida and Mauricio Rua for the Light-Heavyweight Championship - was the biggest surprise of the night, with Rua winning early in the first round by knockout, after their first fight went all five rounds. It was also, of course, the fight for which my camera finally died. Naturally. Ben took pictures, so if he uploads some, I'll add them in.

Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua
Lyoto 'The Dragon' Machida

Georges St-PierreWe went down to the floor after the fight, when Ben saw a crowd forming around the fighters' entrance. When we arrived, UFC President Dana White was there taking pictures and signing autographs (and answering stupid questions). A few moments later, Clay Guida came out and we got our programs signed, but we narrowly missed getting a close-up picture of GSP.

To summarize, the next time the UFC comes within a car ride of Orangeville, we'll try to be there. And maybe we'll see them in Vegas sometime too. But that's a vacation discussion for another time.

1 - They were from Mexico, so, in their inebriated state, they weren't entirely sure what was being chanted

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