Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Awesome Guy

We all come into contact with a great many people in the course of a day. Often among them are individual people - or at least, personality types - that we can't stand. Today, I have to talk about Awesome Guy. Not "an awesome guy", but "Awesome Guy". He's sort of similar to a Topper - the guy that's done everything you've done, only he did it bigger, better, and faster - but they are a distinct entity.

I work with an Awesome Guy. Every situation is an invitation to tell a story that (he thinks) relates to the discussion at hand. It doesn't take much to prompt that - if his pre-planned story involves his car, all he really needs is someone to mention driving and the story is on its way. Unlike a Topper, he doesn't really try to upstage your story, he simply tries to let you know that he understands where you're coming from, because he's been through the same thing. And it was awesome.

J. Peterman, Awesome Guy

My Awesome Guy, for the record, has a wonderfully "unique" tribal tattoo all over his arm, and has his car vinyled to match.

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